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Natalie at Native Poppy

In this episode we're talking with Natalie from Native Poppy. We're discuss leaving corporate world for flower work, the differences of owning an event studio and retail store. You'll enjoy learning about Natalie's flower subscription services.

Sammy Go of Lambert Floral Studio

In this episode we are chatting about Sammy’s philosophy of providing flowers for a weary world and what that looks like for Lambert Floral Studio. He is sharing the story behind the name of his design studio and why it is dear to his heart.

Debra Prinzing of Slow Flowers

In this episode, we are diving into the Slow Flowers Movement - what it is and what it is becoming. Debra is sharing the story behind her passion and the farmers who sparked the Slow Flowers flame in her. We are talking about American Flowers week, how you can be involved, and how you can support your local flower farmers. You'll learn the difference between growing from seed vs. planting from a garden center, and you'll receive tips on how to connect with flower farms & florists.

The Bloom Project

In this episode, Heidi is sharing the “why” behind The Bloom Project and her inspirational journey in founding the organization. The Bloom Project is a volunteer-driven nonprofit that provides fresh floral bouquets to hospice and palliative care patients. You’ll be touched by the real-life stories of the people The Bloom Project has impacted. We are talking about the best flowers and the best vases to use for donation, and Heidi is sharing some secrets of the trade when it comes to being involved in the community.

Shean Strong

Atlanta based Shean Strong joins us in this episode of the Team Flower Podcast. We are talking about the importance of embracing the power that flowers hold in changing the ambiance of an entire room. Shean is sharing about his culturally rich background and how that now plays out in his floral designs as well as how he maintains an open view of floral design. We are also walking through a few simple fixes designers can make to increase the visual appeal of their arrangements. You'll learn the in's and out's of connecting with other business in your community and using those connections to successfully conduct a flower pop-up. Shean is giving us the scoop behind his Valentine's Day pop-up at a popular venue in downtown Atlanta - from how he wrapped the hand-tied bouquets to which flowers he used.

Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona

Rona Wheeldon is the mastermind behind Flowerona. The Flowerona brand includes a widely known blog, full of inspiration and resources for anyone who loves flowers. In addition to creating content for the Flowerona blog, Rona also spends time as a freelance flower writer and writes for New Covent Garden Flower Market in England. Rona's journey with flowers is beautiful, and in this Team Flower Podcast episode, she is telling us all about it!

Sophie Felts of Blossom and Vine

In this episode, we are chatting with Sophie Felts of Blossom and Vine Floral Design. Sophie is sharing her go-to flowers for events and her staple cut garden blooms. We are talking about how to easily start a cut flower garden and which blooms are our favorites!

Designer of the Year Amy Balsters

In this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, we are chatting with Amy Balsters of Amy Nicole Floral. Amy attended the 2018 Team Flower Conference, and was chosen as the 2018 Designer of the Year! She's sharing about her experience at the conference in the Designer of the Year competition and what it has meant to her to have been chosen as the winner.

Heather Page

In this podcast we talk with Heather Page, who is a floral designer with Academy Florists in Winnipeg. Academy Florists is a retail flower shop that has been flowering Winnipeg for over 36 years. For 10 of those years, Heather has had the opportunity to work and grow alongside various designers who quickly became her flower family. Her Instagram feed @heather_page is filled with beautiful images that reflect her personality so much — rich, soft, full of welcome and grace.

Alaska Peonies and Peterkort Roses

American growers, Alaska Peony Cooperative and Peterkort Roses join us on this episode of the podcast. We’re talking about what it takes to get a successful flower co-op started, tips for growing peonies, running a family business, pest control and sourcing garden roses.

Antonio Valente Flowers

In this episode, Antonio answers various questions about everything from planting snaps in the winter to profitable farming investments and much, much more! Learn about best practices, challenges growers face in the industry, and the top five best cut flowers.

Jardine Botanic Floral Styling

In this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, Australian based florist Jardine Hansen shares what it was like and what she learned from moving her flower business to a new place. Kelly and Jardine also talked about looking for a wave of personal creative inspiration, plants in Tasmania, the importance of bees and much more.

Natalya & Fiona of PYRUS

Attaching giant arrangements of flowers to buildings — today’s guests, Natalya and Fiona of PYRUS have done just that.  Their work for the Inspiring Impressionism exhibit will leave you breathless and with questions about how it came together, but the good news is, they’ll answer those questions.

Florence Kennedy of Petalon Flowers

On this episode of the podcast, we welcome Florence, owner of Petalon and author of "Flowers Everyday." We are discussing organizing delivery programs, sustainable packaging, affordable, interesting flower combinations, business progression and writing a book about flowers!

Sarah from Poppy in Singapore

We are delighted to share Sarah's story with you via the Team Flower Podcast. Sarah has a bustling flower shop and flower school called Poppy in Singapore. Poppy offers unique experiences including a Flower Bar and Market Day which we will tell you more about on the podcast.