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Video: How to Use Succulents in Floral Arrangements

In this quick tip video about using succulents in an arrangement, Kelly will show you a tip how to elongate the stem! Learn how to become a florist and take floral design classes online with Team Flower. Here you can even learn tips on flower gardening for beginners. We'll show you how to do flower arrangements in flower arranging videos.


I wanted to show you how to wire succulents. And by wire, I mean I'm gonna stick a big bamboo skewer through it. 

I like to pull off these little lower petals. 

And then I just take my bamboo skewer and I line it up right there on the side. And then I look for the stem tape that is the closest color to the succulent that I'm using. And I just wrap it around like this. 

Very, very simple. 

For succulents that are really big, I like to poke a little whole in the top of it and then put in some-- just a tiny little dab of Oasis wet glue. Let it get sticky for about 10 seconds, and then I put my skewer in that and tape down the stem just like I did with this one. So this is ready to pop into a bouquet, or you can clip it off just like you would a flower stem and pop it into your arrangement. I'm gonna do it one more time. 

Clip as long as you can from the base of the plant. Take off the lower level petals. 

And I'll just reuse this skewer that I already wrapped. Gotta get [INAUDIBLE] of it. 

And just tightly, firmly wrap it to your skewer. 

That's it. Very easy. 

And just because a succulent isn't completely perfect, doesn't mean you can't use it. If part of these petals, if it was kind of one-sided and some of these petals over here didn't grow quite right, you could just tug that part in towards the back and then put those pieces that still looked really pretty out as, like, a silhouette around the bottom of your container or something. So you can always use the flowers. And use every little last bit that you can. 

Just be strategic. 

So there you have it. Little succulent addition. Hope you enjoyed it, and hope that encourages you to go try it for yourself. Have a good one.

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I challenge you to reflect on your life with flowers and write down the things they've taught you. Pen out your magical moments, those situations where you overcame limitations, the growing blooms that made YOU grow. Then pin them up in your studio space! And in those moments when you're exhausted and covered in dirt after sowing the fields, or furiously cleaning buckets and containers before your next event, remember. Take a moment to be still and remember how you have grown, and be inspired