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Why Flowers Matter with Amy Balsters

In this episode, Kelly and Amy are talking about being intentional in your work with flowers and recognizing the healing power that flowers hold. Amy is sharing her recent curiosities and discoveries regarding the chain of supply for flowers and she’s chatting about how the practices we utilize today will impact the future of the industry. You’ll be inspired as she talks about how staying curious, researching, and asking questions has kept her work with flowers fresh and exciting for 20 years.

Exploring New Art Forms with Jen of Nectar and Bloom

In this discussion, we’re exploring how other art forms can influence floral design. Jen is sharing how practicing art can bring familiarity, confidence, and inspiration. We are chatting about how flowers can help you find the purpose for your events’ designs well as as how to consider your audience as you create arrangements. Jen is sharing a few tips on how you can find joy in your craft and display that joy in each of your designs.

Foam-Free Floral Design with Sue McLeary

Sue is sharing tips and mechanics on how to create foam-free floral design installations utilizing chicken wire and investing in a welder to create custom pieces for your collection. You’ll hear details about an install Sue is working on, as well as her inspiration and how it’s all coming together.

Flower Flash Art with Lewis Miller Design

Lewis Miller of Lewis Miller Design joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast! You’ll hear what inspired Lewis to pursue a career in the floral industry. Lewis is also sharing his heart behind the flower flashes: He’s talking about why and how they happen, where the inspiration comes from, and the goals he hopes to accomplish with each flower flash. This episode is all about beautifying the world through flowers!

Latest Floral Design Trends with Of the Flowers

In this episode, Kelly is joined by Felisa Funes from Of the Flowers. Felisa is chatting about her background in art and the similarities between making sculptures and designing with flowers. She’s sharing a few tips on how to create something new without being overwhelmed and experiencing “artist’s block.”

The Tournament of Roses with Laura Farber

On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, we’re talking with Laura Farber, President of the Tournament of Roses.  You’ll learn about the history of the Rose Parade and how it’s grown in 131 years from horse-drawn carriages to present day floral-covered mechanical floats. Laura is sharing so many fun facts about the Rose Bowl, its years during World War II, and why the parade is never held on a Sunday.

Ground Floral Installations with Jenn Sanchez

Jenn Sanchez is joining us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast! Born and raised in Southern California, Jenn Sanchez is a floral designer with an affinity for strong emotive representation in design. She grew up with a paintbrush or pen always in hand, and she hoped to pursue a career in the arts yet fell into florals in 2010 shortly after high school. As an unexpected medium of expression, flowers have given a sought-out tangibility to her work. Using dramatic gestures and a compelling use of color, she seeks the balance of the familiar and the unexpected with each new client. Jenn is also a speaker at the 2020 Team Flower Conference in Pasadena!

Finding Your Niche in Floral Design with Françoise Weeks

Françoise was born in Belgium but now resides in Portland, Oregon, where she works out of her studio and teaches online courses. She has crystalized her singular style of textural woodlands and botanical haute couture pieces, garnering a global following. Françoise has taught in many cities in the US and various countries around the world. Her dynamic work has been published in national and international magazines, and in December 2018 her book The Herbal Recipe Keeper was published by Timber Press. 

Nurturing Creativity in Floral Design with Ponderosa & Thyme (Part 2 of 2)

This is the second of two episodes with Katie of Ponderosa & Thyme! In this episode, Katie and I pick up where we left off in Part 1 talking about teamwork and accountability in the studio. We’re discussing how to be an introvert in the floral industry while also being brave in reaching out and doing life with other flower professionals. We are also talking about creativity and how to nurture a greater sense of creativity in your life and your work.

Cultivating Kindness with Ponderosa & Thyme (Part 1 of 2)

This is the first of two episodes with Katie of Ponderosa & Thyme. In this episode, Katie shares how her heart for flowers began and how blooms have shaped her life through the years. We are discussing the beauty and simplicity of kindness, why it is essential in the floral industry, and how to create a culture of kindness and self care in your environment to avoid burnout.

Connecting Community with Deanna Kitchen

On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, we’re talking with Deanna Kitchen of Twig & Vine. Deanna is telling us all about the Growing Kindness project and how conducting random acts of kindness has impacted her, her family, and her community. We’re talking about the importance of genuinely connecting people whilst living in such a technologically heavy world—as well as the benefits that come with giving over receiving. Deanna is also sharing a few simple dahlia growing tips for those who want to try their hand at growing!

The Family Behind Accent Decor

You’ll hear how Frank’s father started the business and in what ways the Hofland family continues to serve the floral industry. The couple is sharing the core values that drive the business as well as giving us a behind-the-scenes look into their sourcing and production of items.

We’re talking about what it looks like to “do the right thing” as we serve our communities and how this impacts the industry in a positive way.

Planning a Styled Shoot with Sarah Bruxvoort

On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, we’re talking with Sarah Bruxvoort of Rose and Laurel. As a floral designer, Sarah is well-versed in planning styled shoots. Often, floral designers are hesitant to plan this type of creative venture, so Sarah is giving us the tools and tips we need to take the leading step in styled shoots.

Flowers Around the World with Tanya Shaw

On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, you’ll hear from Tanya Shaw of Oh Flora in Sydney, Australia. Tanya is a world-traveler with her floral business, so she is sharing a few tips on how to choose travel destinations. You’ll hear how she went from designing small local weddings to hosting and teaching workshops all over the world.

We’re talking about finding inspiration in art forms other than flowers as well as the beauty of finding flower friends and being connected in the floral industry in various countries worldwide. Tanya has an exciting new venture she’s pursuing, and she’s giving us a sneak peak into what she’s been working on!

Is a Floral Career for You? Encouragement from Mayesh Design Star Kaylee Young

In this episode, Kaylee is walking us through her extensive floral background and sharing how these experiences have shaped her floral career. We are talking about the deeper things behind design - the why, the motivation, and the excitement. Kaylee is sharing about her experience as the Mayesh Design Star, and is giving a few encouraging words to those who may be thinking about pursuing floristry as a career.

Incorporating Color Theory with Tinge Floral

On this episode of the Team Flower podcast, we’re talking with Ashley of Tinge Floral. We are diving into Ashley’s passion—color! She is sharing her knowledge and philosophy behind the role of color in floral design. Ashley walks us through her process of utilizing various tones when working with clients and how these design elements play out. We are discussing life as a flower mom, and Ashley is telling us all about her Color Theory Workshop!