Successful Seed Germination

Here we share how the readily available seed starting containers could be sabotaging your seeds before you even begin. You'll learn why that is and what works best as an alternative. Then the excitement begins — seed sowing! In the second half of this video tutorial, we take you step by step through Kathleen Murphy's method which will ensure successful germination!

Splitting Seeds Demonstration

Next we delve into what to do with your seedlings once they are ready to be split. In this video we show you how to divide the seedlings and replant them in containers allowing the roots to develop, grow and become strong! They'll become so strong that your plants can’t help but thrive once planted out in the garden with these methods.

Pinching Back Demonstration

To pinch or not to pinch? We'll answer that question and others, including when you should use the pinching technique. Also we cover a trick to reign in those vines that may be wandering all over each other!

Building Hoop House & Hardening Off

It's important to understand the very important process of hardening off, and in this video we're demonstrating that practice. This step is crucial to the planting process. We will show you how to build your own easy and inexpensive hoop house. This is the perfect structure to enable you to control the environment and temperature throughout the hardening off process.