Sammy Go of Lambert Floral Studio

Kelly Perry - 00:00 - You are listening to the Team Flower podcast where we talk about flowers and the people who've dedicated their lives to sharing them with the world. We believe that your work with flowers matters. Cheering each of you on. Hi, my name's Kelly, and today we're talking with Sammy Go of Lambert Floral Studio in San Francisco, California, the studies and landscape architecture and lead him unexpectedly to the world of floral design, which he has found to be even more perfect medium for him to share with others. In this episode, we are chatting about Sammy's philosophy for providing flowers for a weary world. You'll hear the story behind the name of his design studio and why it's dear to his heart. We're discussing why partnership is so powerful and we're sharing a few ideas on how to cultivate creativity. It's all right here on the Team Flower podcast. This podcast is paid for by Team Flower and online support community dedicated to educating, connecting, and empowering flower levers worldwide. They provided online classes, in person events, and weekly free resources designed to support you in your journey with flowers. Whether you're a professional florists, flower farmer, or simply love flowers, there's a place for you here. Come join the party

Kelly Perry - 01:10 - Sammy, it's so great to have you here today. We're excited to learn a little bit more about your journey with flowers and um, yeah, just how you knew when it was time to have a life with flowers and what that's looked like for you over the years. And um, yeah, welcome.

Sammy Go - 01:27 - Thank you. Thank you so much. I am super excited and happy to be here too. Um, and excited to share about my journey. 

Kelly Perry - 01:34 - Yeah, well go for it. Tell us a little bit about how you got started. 

Sammy Go - 01:38 - Sure. Um, so to everyone listening. Hi, I'm Sammy Go, um, I am the founder of Lambert Floral Studio and San Francisco, California. Um, and it's, I think a pretty exciting story about how I ended up here. So I was, yeah, here we go. Do it. Uh, I was born and raised in San Francisco and growing up in an urban environment, um, everything is pretty, pretty severe, you know, things are concrete. Um, everything's kind of straight lined. Uh, I live in the outer sunset of San Francisco, um, and if you've ever been, it's super foggy, so it's so gray and all the streets are on this grid so it feels very much like you're living in. Um, I dunno like a sketchbook grid note paper. Anyway, I think growing up environment, I loved it, but also began to pay attention to moments that kind of broke out of those grid lines and brought a little softness and brought a little more life to, um, yeah, the city that I lived in. 

Sammy Go - 02:55 - So I'm actually, when I was in high school, I was talking to my mother. I was helping her, um, replant our front yard. We had like, it's like two feet wide by 10 feet long. It's a really small front yard, but I was helping her planted out and I, there's something about that that felt so magical and so different and unexpected. Um, so I actually applied to college to study Landscape Architecture, um, once at UC Berkeley and studied that um and graduated and was like, Hey, this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to stay in this urban environment that I love and I'm going to try to bring natural beauty to unexpected places. Um, and so in the beginning, my clients were mainly my parent's friends who were looking for someone to bring a little refresh to their front yard or backyard. Um, and that was okay. 

Sammy Go - 03:56 - It was fun. It was interesting, but it's not totally, it wasn't exactly satisfying. And like I said, I was, you know, this wide eyed 20 year old just saying like, I want to bring beauty to the world. Um, and instead I found myself kind of like I'm just drawing circles on a paper and saying, oh, this circle represents a beautiful magnolia tree. And it was exactly. And it just wasn't as, um, yeah, it wasn't as rewarding as I had hoped it would be. Yeah. And so kind of, yeah, for sure. So kind of like serendipitous moments, I, um, syncs up with a floral designer in the city who is looking to redesign her garden, um, and kind of worked with her in the studio and just fell in love with, um, like her craft. Uh, the space that she had created, um, and eventually she started asked, uh, she asked me if I wanted to start designing for her. 

Sammy Go - 05:03 - I said, sure. My background is in landscape. I don't know anything about flowers per se. And she said, that's totally fine. I'll teach you everything you need to know. Um, and I totally found, yeah, this kind of this redemptive season where everything that I had wanted to accomplish through landscape design, I'm like, I, I found it's more proper, medium and flowers. So for example, Kelly, if I presented to you this drawing with all these circles, I'm like, we'd, we'd have to wait maybe 10 years for those things, for those trees to really resemble anything more. Instead with flowers I could, you know, make an arrangement and give it to you face to face. And that was something that was so special to me. Um, and really brought a lot of life, um, and meaning to like this creative craft. Um, and I just had more friends and friends of friends that were getting married at the time. And so a lot of people were like, oh, hey, did you hear that Sammy is trying to do flowers and um, maybe he could do your wedding. So there is a, there is a lot of folks whose weddings I was so grateful to be a part of. Um, and from that moment I was like, you know what, this is it. I need a, I need to move on from landscape for the time being and explore this world of floral design. Um, yeah, so created shop and here we are. 

Kelly Perry - 06:31 - Yeah. Well that's fabulous. And you're positioned in such a great place for that with all the things that California has to offer in our is in the market. And yeah, I totally envy it, but people tell me that they envy me. Everybody envies everybody else's flowers, but I, I've never had the opportunity just to like go to market on a regular basis in shot for clients, which I think is so fun. So Rebecca, um, my sister in law that has a florist all in, in Berkeley, occasionally she'll send pictures and be like, ah, this is, you know, what's going on over here and it's so fun to see the things that she's got going on in her shop. And then I've got the, you know, the Martagon lilies that bloom in the wild here that are just here. And people are like, oh my goodness, those are just there. Yeah. So anyway, we all, we all have, um, special and unique sourcing situations and um, yeah. So that's really, that's really fun. Really what, tell us a little bit about your design philosophy and I'm what you would like to communicate through your arrangements. I know on your Instagram feed something that I was just immediately resonated with me and then I felt so connected to his flowers for a weary world. Um, tell us a little bit more about that phrase and just what it is that you seek to bring to the worlds. 

Sammy Go - 07:53 - Yeah. Um, thanks for asking. I'm flowers for where the world is. Something that I think I have crafted for myself in the studio again, to bring further meaning to what we do. Um, so kind of like, as I shared my story, you know, I went to, I went to college, I was in this professional degree and then here I am making flowers and it's one of those things where I think it's very easy to just to say I'm just the florist or we're all we're doing is making flowers or at the end of the day we just compost the flower. So what are we really doing? And I think if the story ended there, there would really be less meaning and power in what floral designers do. Um, and so I believe, um, that actually there is so much significance and there's so much power in the art and craft of floral design. 

Sammy Go - 09:01 - Um, and I think the studio, what I try to do is, is, uh, is tap into that, you know, so what I, what I think the power flow design, it lies in the ability to tap into a mood and emotion. You know, I think, um, I grew up hearing stories from my mom about, you know, she, she loves the set of honeysuckle. She says they are, reminds her of her childhood. It's so transportive, um, or when I see I'm a cherry blossom, I'm, I'm reminded of my honeymoon in Japan, you know, so I think there's a lot of ways where flowers are just these symbols and his monitors and they transport you and they create feelings that turned into memory and it becomes nostalgic and powerful. And at the end of the day they're like all these, uh, experiences lead to an encounter with beauty. Um, and I think beauty is one of the things that, uh, it, it's one of the, it's like a mystery to me where even when life feels terribly unbeautiful that there is something to recognize as inherently beautiful, so long. 

Sammy Go - 10:18 - It's so healing. That's, that's a good word. I wish I had said that. It's so healing. So flowers for a weary world I think is, yeah, this life philosophy and um, this, this mantra to say that, hey, even when circumstances feel bleak and each day you wake up with another stressful news headline, um, there is like not an escape per se. Um, but there an invitation to it right there. There's an invitation to change perspective or change something on the inside and see, see it as beautiful or hopeful. Um, and to participate in that healing process. Yeah. 

Kelly Perry - 11:04 - Yeah. I love that. That is so um, so in line with how I feel about it as well. So you've got somebody in your corner like 110% on this. There is a deeper, there is a deeper reason, there is deeper meaning and, and like you're saying, those experiences with flowers that do, they are, they are an invitation to think differently. And um, I just feel like whenever we can, if we just see a flower in and we invite ourselves and liberate our thoughts a little bit too, just to shake off some of that gunk and um, just to re reframe the day in their perspective. It's amazing what we're able to see whenever we don't have that, like dead weight, just like, you know, know, like they were carrying around. I don't know that word. Like dead weight has been on my mind all week for some reason. Um, yeah. And I feel like flowers or an opportunity to when we see them just to be like a visual trigger of like, okay, well I'm gonna let that. 

Sammy Go - 12:08 - Totally, that's a great. I mean also I feel like when you're designing with flowers, your working with something that is alive and something that you know, has had its own process and its own growth and it's kind of, it's an interesting position to be in as a designer because you have a certain amount of control but you also need to embrace kind of like the inherent qualities of this branch or the stem, you know. And I think there's um, yeah, there's like a healthy amount of manipulation where I can say I want the stem to work for me. But at the same time there is, like you said, there's this liberation. If you were to say, Yo, this branch is Super Wonky, it's super for to decide if I embrace it and just put it in and work around it or work with it or respond to it. I think it's gonna work out for me, you know, and it's already giving me all the pieces. Um, if I just become a little less stubborn in this process, 

Kelly Perry - 13:09 - I love that. Like imagining the wonky branches are like, you know, Kinda hang up in life where our obstacle or something and it's like, oh, well, let's see how we could actually use this to, to take us to a really cool place. Like, I love that. So fun. Well, you named your, you named your studio after your grandfather. I'm correct. Tell us a little bit about him and how he played just a role in your life and, and what made you decide to make that the namesake of your business? 

Sammy Go - 13:37 - Sure. So, um, I'll start off by saying I've actually never met Lambert.

Kelly Perry - 13:45 - Wow. Yeah, he's a legend. 

Sammy Go - 13:46 - He's a legend. The Legend of Lambert Jang, he passed before I was born. But, um, accordingly, my parents gave his name as my middle name, so my full name is Samuel Lambert Go. Um, and in that I actually think there's something really beautiful about, again, kind of like what we're just talking about, like what we do as a response to what already exists. And I think there is something where Lambert, yes is the legend, but it's also a part of me, you know, and, and I think my name, my middle name being given down from him is an honoring and I'm an homage to who he was, but like in no way, my parents weren't like, oh, we hope that you become a Lambert Jr., you know, we're just saying this is him and we're going to honor him and celebrate him. 

Sammy Go - 14:42 - I'm with you. Um, and in a lot of ways I felt like that fit really well with my design philosophy and like the nature floral design because people have been designing flowers for centuries. I think we live in an exciting time, a floral design. But for the most part, I think we're just hopping in to like a practice of humanity that has been around for forever and I think that is something that is also very exciting where it removes the pressure to reinvent the wheel and instead just say like, I hold a special part of the wheel. Um, let me hold it the best way I can. Um, yeah. And so again, kind of like with the wonky branch, it's like, Hey, this is what I've been given. How can I best honor this wonky branch? And instead of trying to obliterate everything that makes it itself and it makes it unique. 

Kelly Perry - 15:41 - Yes, of course I had to just quickly do cool. The meaning of the name Lambert. I'm always really interested to find out what people's names and do you. Do you know what it is? It's bright land, right land, bright, bright, bright, bright land. Oh, that's amazing. It's so nice. I love that. I, um, I knew that my name, I knew that my name meant warrior. I'm a long time so then, and so it, it, it totally fit because I'm a very, like, we're going to keep going, keep going, keep going, you know, kind of person. But um, I fought and fight and fight until I was so tired and so exhausted. And then one day it came to me like, my middle name is Renee and I'm the thought came to, Oh, let me look better real quick. It's in it's reborn, warrior reborn. 

Kelly Perry - 16:39 - And in that time of life I was really thinking about just peace and how that can really be, how rest in peace can really be like, um, a, a covering like a weapon, you know, that's like we can walk out into the chaos, like waving the white feather. And I, it was just this really interesting time. So anyway, I just had to, I just had to look up the name of Lambert and um, I just, I love that. So anyway, you'll have to, you'll have to let me know if you find the same thing in your, you know, I just did a literally quick, what is the meaning of the name Lambert. So I'm sure there might be some other things out there, but I just, man, I love that. Great. That's so powerful. Yeah, really cool. We should know we should know what our names and I called my mom that day and I was like, I was like, mama name means warrior. I was like, you know, it was just a really cool moment. And um, she was like, I knew I named you that for something was really, 

Sammy Go - 17:41 - it's so special because it's like one of the. We carry it with us. 

Kelly Perry - 17:44 - Yeah. Yeah, it is. It is a piece of it.

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Kelly Perry - 18:56 - Can you tell us a little bit about your beautiful wife, Sarah, and um, what you like, how she's involved with the business and what she does? Just. Yeah. Tell us a little bit about her. 

Sammy Go - 19:09 - Um, so Sarah is beautiful and she is one of the most creative people I know, um, and is such an amazing encourager. Um, and so although she is not on Lambert's payroll for all intensive purposes, she carries so much at this business. Um, and a lot of that is just through support of, of me, um, you know, I think when you run a business, it's not glamorous, it's a lot of hard work, a lot of long hours, a lot of confusing tax stuff. Um, and it's, it's pretty difficult to be married to someone who has such, like a crazy investment in their occupation. Um, and Sarah's and one who is just always so patient and gracious, um, and so excited for what Lambert is doing, but maybe I'll talk about in the beginning days one. Oh one. Actually it was her and me. She and I were like a team kind of like, as I was saying, um, the transition from landscape to Florida design was pretty organic with a lot of friends. 

Sammy Go - 20:29 - Um getting married, um, and just asking us to test out this new design field and doing their wedding. So Sarah and I would work together a lot. She was working full time. Um, but after our first wedding I did, wasn't Santa Barbara. Um, after she got off of work on Friday at 4:00 PM, we hopped in the car, drove down to Santa Barbara, stayed in a motel room, um, work till 3:00 AM. Um, but it was us just hustling and looking at each other like, what are we doing? Oh my gosh, we're total imposters. Um, but we're doing it together and it's 3:00 AM, but at least I'm not alone at 3:00 AM. Um, but yeah, it's been, it's so fun having someone who appreciates flowers and appreciates the work that I do in the studio that I'm, I'm building. Um, yeah. So mega cheerleader support, um, and someone who just gets it to, you know, we've talked a lot about design philosophy and a lot of things about what is the value and meaning of a floral design, especially when things feel crazy in the world. 

Sammy Go - 21:42 - Um, and she is someone who has such, like a fan of beauty and a cheerleader for um, like a beautiful and lovely life. Um, and being able to, yeah, run in my personal life with that just totally influences and informs what I do in my professional life.

Kelly Perry - 22:03 - Do you have anybody else that works on your team? 

Sammy Go - 22:06 - So I'm more formally, I do have a business director, um, her name is Claire and she's also amazing and she's really great close friends with Sarah and myself. Um, so Claire and I actually met in college. Um, I didn't mention this before, but Kelly, I used to dance. Hey. Yeah, I used to be on a competitive hip hop team in college. Um, and then Claire was a contemporary dancer, so we actually met each other through that and just bonded over what it felt like to be on these teams that, um, embraced this art, this art form. 

Sammy Go - 22:51 - Um, and when we graduated she studied business. I began this business with very little business acumen and by very little, I mean absolutely none. He is someone who has business smarts but also is a creative at heart as well. Um, and I would kind of just have informal consultations with her. I'm asking her like her opinion on things, um, and found out that we were actually a really great pair and in all the ways that my mind didn't work. Um, I didn't think, uh, in terms of like business smarts and think about the numbers, etc. Um, hers did, but at the same time she really understood me and understood why I was making the decisions I was making, um, and how those, how those decisions could be a lot better for the business. So it just felt like a seamless partnership and I am so grateful. 

Sammy Go - 23:46 - It's one of those things where being a creative and being in an industry that has an element of commodity, it, they feel at odds a lot of the times because you know, you want to create for the heart and for the passion and for, you know, the love at the same time. It's like, hey, when Uncle Sam comes knocking, you know, you better have your books and in line and um, and if you want to put food on the table you can't just, you know, give away flowers for free. So I think it's been a very equalizing and well balanced partnership. Um, and I think really necessary and crucial for the longevity of any creative pursuit. 

Sammy Go - 24:28 - Yeah, I love that. It's so important to surround ourselves with people who think differently and have different strengths and that whole piece of it. It's a really good example of a powerful partnership. 

Sammy Go - 24:38 - Yeah. And I think also to know that you don't have to do it alone. Um, I think there's a like entrepreneurial small business mindset that feels like you need to hustle until you're just in the ground. And I think, yeah, yeah, totally right. And I would prefer to breathe and preferred and prefer to involve other people whose strengths are my weaknesses and balance each other out. Um, so yeah, all around a better, a better situation. 

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Kelly Perry - 26:08 - Teamwork is so powerful and I think that culture culturally, you know, it seems like there's, you know, that leadership is like this, like linear rise to the top or like that you have the personality for it or you don't. But I really feel like we were made to function in this teamwork kind of, um, interaction with each other where it's like, okay, sammy, it's, it's your turn to like rise and shine now. And so we're going to come under, we're going to support, we're going to go under that. And then sometime there might be a time when it's like, okay kelly, like your, your, your thing that you're put here on the earth. To that you're really passionate, we're going to come into that. But in the process of serving others in helping see a dream take flight using all of our different skills and resources, it's so cool because I feel like it's like, oh, in the process of this I'm recognizing that so and so is like so great at this particular thing. 

Kelly Perry - 27:00 - And they may not have had an experience where anybody has ever told them that before or where they've maybe thought about it, but they didn't, you know, act on it. so it's like, okay, well hey, like, like bring this up, like keep, keep this skill going, like keep learning in this area and it's this great thing that just kind of like circles around I think where it's like we're following. But at the same time there's this like call out of what it is that, that the support system is made to do at the same time. And we're all. I don't know, it's just this really. That's how I imagined it to be. I know that, I know that the world doesn't think like that necessarily. But um, I just kind of wonder if it, it looks a little bit more like teamwork instead of this. Yeah.

Sammy Go - 27:45 - I do. Team flower. I mean it's, you, you, you got that, you know, I think it really is about, there's a space on the table for everyone. Everyone shouldn't bring what they have instead of trying to bring what they, what they think they're supposed to, you know, or what someone else is bringing. 

Kelly Perry - 28:04 - Yeah, exactly. Because we do like our names, they're all special and unique and we have different legacies that were, that are passed down through the years that, that we should really think about and embrace and yeah. I love being myself. It's fun.

Sammy Go - 28:04 - Amazing. Here we go. Yes.

Kelly Perry - 28:24 - Super fun. But there is always a temptation, always a swing to be like, oh, I should be over here. Like lately, I think that my thing is that I feel like I'm behind. I realized it was like driving into town and I was like, oh, I just am always feeling like I'm behind, which is this whole thing of like not enough, not good enough, dah, dah, dah. And I was just like, no, like I'm okay, like this is good, you know, but it's, it's, it doesn't matter. Like you might think you've over like, oh well I'm not a, I don't compare anymore. 

Kelly Perry - 28:52 - but then you like step around and you're like, oh yeah, I'm like, here, it's just coming out in a slightly different way. so anyway. But yeah, every day it's just so good to wake up with the mindset of how can I be more free today than I was yesterday and you know, we're not perfect, you know? And that's okay. Like just to like, that's not realistic and it just so good to be acquainted with our humanity. And um, yeah, just to, just to let it be a little bit. So anyway, I don't know how I got to going with that. We're supposed to be talking about cultivating creativity, but it does sort of loop into that, to that cultivating creativity because there's that desire to be, to have it be like perfect and ready and, and it just isn't, it just isn't. Can I just, let me just give everybody permission to like, let it not be finished or are you done or whatever. so anyway, tell us about your thoughts on cultivating creativity. 

Sammy Go - 29:57 - Um, my thoughts are exactly your thoughts were I think in essence I'm cultivating creativity like applies process and unfinished business. Um, yeah, I feel like with, uh, I feel like oftentimes in the flower world there's a value of like presentation and perfection over process. Um, and I think there's a time and place for that, you know, like the portfolio, um, but also if this is really creative medium, I really believe creativity to man's curiosity and curiosity without consequence. Um, and it's hard to do that when you feel like every bit of the journey needs to be polished and perfected and projected, you know. So um like one thing that I've done in the past then I feel so liberating, I feel is so liberating for me is to just make to make. Um, and you know, when I was younger I had a very brief stint as a basketball player and we did things called Drills, you know, like you actually practice.

Sammy Go - 31:26 - I think there's some like the flower, you're alive.

Kelly Perry - 31:31 - I loved this overlap. Yes. 

Sammy Go - 31:34 - I totally designed drills for myself. Like I'm a lineup over oh, basis and I'll give myself like three minutes to just create green structure and then I'll deconstruct them and then start them again. Right. It's really about practicing and putting in those hours of like mastery in this craft or I'll put on. 

Kelly Perry - 31:58 - I've never met anybody who said this, but this is what I like to do. Like at the workshops, I will have people start making boutonnieres like with their eyes closed by the end we're like, let's do it. Everybody but yes the drills are so part. What are some other ones you have so fun. 

Sammy Go - 32:16 - I will put on like a Drake song and I'll say, okay, by the end of the song you must have a completed arrangement and whether or not you think it's complete or not, it will be done. So just stuff like that. Just like, uh, getting into. Yeah. The like, I'm like, yeah, I've given myself permission to not have it be perfect. I'm changing the stakes so that it's not, you know, it's do or die, um, and understanding that like at the end of the day there is no consequence, right? I'm like, yes, we just do flowers, but we just do flowers, right? Like there's power in it, but it shouldn't. Like there's no power if you rob yourself of the joy. And I think these drills are as much about your technical craft as it is, like your mental state and your mind space when you are creating. And I think both of those needs to be, um, need to be in like a good place if you really want to present something with love and created with life and joy. 

Kelly Perry - 33:21 - Yeah. I guess the flowers whenever they're. I feel like when I arranged flowers and I'm really stressed, they look stressed in that whole thing. Like those first couple of seasons getting going, I was like, oh, I'm so stressed and these are so stressed. like, but um, it's been, it's been. Because what I was doing was I was overlapping these two things. Like instead of setting aside time where it's like, okay, let's just like drill, drill, drill, a practice, practice like and, or, or even just like, let's make something, no time limit, no whatever. Let's just really explore what these ingredients look like and how they could function and let's let the wind blow some of it out and start again and you know, all those kinds of things. I'm always trying to mix this, like being super creative in with doing the actual event when you have so many stressors. 

Kelly Perry - 34:11 - And so it was like I was constantly creating like a new product line every time that I did something and with the type of business model that I had that I realized like, oh, this doesn't really make sense. Like there's so many different ways that you can have a life with flowers and some of them are very, like every single job is, you know, completely like you're doing installations that you've done once and you'll probably never do again. You know, there, there are some things that are like that. But I feel like what I'm doing, like I like to practice the sort of these creative practices and then next year those are some things that I can sort of offer up, but they've the, the process for creating it, I had a chance to work on, in this kind of safe setting like you're talking about. Um, before, you know, before it goes off and out to a client, I'm like, oh wait, that's totally it. Just take some of the pressure off. So it's not so scary when you go to implement it. 

Sammy Go - 35:06 - That's a great point. You're like, you're like a chef, you're creating your menu. You're like, I feel confident serving this to my, my guests. I'm gonna put on my menu next year. Hit me up. 

Kelly Perry - 35:17 - Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I just found that that helped me sort of cope a little bit because I was definitely in a sort of burnout like whoa boy, not sure how to, not sure how to move forward, kind of phased. But I know it's not right for everybody, but it, it worked, um, and is still working and very helpful in terms of how I just sort of compartmentalize it, I guess, whatever. But yeah, I think so. Good. So good to just have that time to time to practice, but any it before it's been so great having you here. So, so great. Anything, anything you want to say to listeners before we sign off for today? 

Sammy Go - 35:53 - Um, thank you guys so much for your time. I actually tell my head to have a quick little plug. I have a stationary, notecard set that is being released at the end of May. 

Kelly Perry - 36:06 - Hey, that's awesome.

Sammy Go - 36:11 - And it's a collab with a good friend of mine. Her name is Irene and Kim Shepherd and there, I mean obviously I'm a little biased because I created the arrangements for them, but I love this little notecard set. It'll be on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Papyrus, etcetera. 

Kelly Perry - 36:28 - That is so much for sharing that with us. I always love the good snail mail. I hope that somebody sends me one and of course I'll send them to people. When does, what's the, what's the release date on them? 

Sammy Go - 36:28 - May 22nd. 

Kelly Perry - 36:44 - 22nd. Okay. Well that's coming up, coming up and by the time we get this out to everybody they sapped. They'll probably be out in a ready to go on shelves, which is really cool. So we can have that sort of instant. Yay moment. 

Kelly Perry - 36:57 - Cool. Cool. What they think is beyond that, 

Sammy Go - 37:05 - beyond the plug ah Thank you Kelly so much for this conversation. Yeah, it was really life giving. And um, if you're listening, thank you for also joining and man, keep doing what you're doing and believe in your dreams. flowers for the weary world. You know what I mean? We're all in it together. 

Kelly Perry - 37:29 - I wish. I really wish they made that, that we had some sort of visual component where we could see you doing some sort of mixture with the flowers and your um, hip hop. Like, you know, I could just see the whole thing. I was ready to say like hmm. 

Sammy Go - 37:43 - Yeah. Maybe a future. Step up 18 flower land. Okay.

Kelly Perry - 37:53 - I love it. Well, um everybody who's listening, thanks so much for tuning in and we'll see you next time on the Team Flower podcast. 

Kelly Perry - 37:59 - as we sign off today, I want to remind you that your work with flowers matters. it's about more than the blooms. You're loving the world. You make magic happen. You're creating memories and following a dream, delivering live in grace here at Team Flower, cheering you on one bloom at a time. Thank you for listening to the podcast and until next time, remember that we're so thankful for each bucket that you wash and each bag of garbage that you take out of your studio that makes all of this possible. If you're looking for more formal education, that's free conversation or inspiration. Just visit for you to see the library of helpful videos and articles for florists, growers, and if our business owners, you'll find helpful tips on everything from creating flower walls to hiring freelancers and much, much more.

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