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Video: Cocktail Table Centerpiece

Can you really make a beautiful cocktail accent arrangement using only ONE ingredient? Kelly shows you how in this short tutorial! She demonstrates how to maximize both budget and style by purposefully placing every stem, leaf, and bloom, bringing the principles of design to life in this sweet piece. Knowing how to make an impact with a small amount of blooms is a great way to add value to your client's wedding designs.

Pay Yourself - A Helpful Method for Tracking Income

The easiest thing to do when you’ve started a new business is to not pay yourself. If you’re working a full time job, and have started a business on the side, it’s easy to think, “I’ll just put this money I’m making back into the business”. Starting good habits of managing your business income from the very start makes it easier to adapt to the business being your sole source of income later. Here are a few tips on getting started early with paying yourself, and ensuring you’re setting aside enough for putting back into your business.