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Video: Tips for Body Mindfulness in the Midst of Burnout

Looking for tips to increase your body mindfulness and awareness in the midst of burnout (or in order to prevent it entirely)? This video from the Team Flower Business Growth class covers how to alleviate burnout in our physical bodies. Burnout in the floral industry is something we’ve all either heard about or felt ourselves, and it can be caused by a variety of different things—one of which is physical pain or exhaustion.

Celebrating with a Few Favorites

Today, it’s just me here to encourage you in this season. Where ever you are, whether you’re covered up with brides and blooms or taking a season off, I want you to know that you’re valued, and that you are making a difference in your community. I have found that learning to breathe through any situation helps me focus and relax. So today, I encourage you to take a moment, close your eyes, and take a few deep, concentrated breaths. In….Out...In...Out. Now, go out there and deliver those beautiful bouquets and harvest those lovely blooms with dignity and grace -- and remember, we’re here for you, cheering you on!

Overcoming Overwhelm with Designer of the Year Megan Willis

In this episode of the Team Flower podcast, we’re talking with Megan Willis of Bloom Dallas. Megan is the 2019 Team Flower Designer of the Year, and she is sharing some tips on displaying your passion and personality through your brand as you work to appeal to your market. We are chatting about burnout in the floral industry and how to overcome overwhelm in your business. Whether you’re struggling with reaching your ideal client or ready to toss in the towel on your creative venture, you’ll be encouraged by our conversation.

Video: Encouragement for starting flower seeds

In this video, Kathleen Murphy of Primrose Hill Flower Company joins Kelly to share a few tips for new flower growers. Whether you are starting a small cut garden or a large flower farm, her advice is practical, useful, and encouraging.


Video transcript:

- - Kathleen if you could tell somebody who's brand new to gardening something, what would it be? - Well first of all, you're so fortunate because you're starting out on a journey that is just, I just love flowers and I know you're going to as well and it's just such a great journey. But what I would tell you, my best advice would be, again to start small, to stick to the methods we talked about, to build upon successes, don't jump in to a huge amount of work and things that are going to overwhelm you. Choose that core group of flowers that are easy to grow and really get to know them and know the process. If you can become successful at that the possibilities are endless, the different garden styles that you can do and just everything builds from that core and you'll be a huge success and you'll really enjoy it. - I love that. Keep it simple. - Keep it simple. - Everybody. Keep it simple when you're starting. And what would you tell someone who has maybe tried sewing seeds before or has tried gardening and has just really felt like that they weren't successful at it, that it's not something that they can do or that they're good at. How would you-- - I would say, don't despair, try it again, try it this way. I feel in a way that this part of this industry maybe sets you up for failure. We see these beautiful photos and we get the seed packet, and there really isn't a lot of direction as to how to successfully get from this seed to this beautiful photo that you're seeing. So people have really become discouraged and they don't have the process. They don't know how, the correct watering method, the lighting situation, what we have talked about or what we do talk about in this class, will just, it will enable you to successfully learn how to grow a healthy strong plant and again it all comes back to strong plants equals success, and you can definitely do this. You really can. It's totally possible. So don't despair, and try it again, and try it this way. And you will be successful. And don't give up. I've been doing this 30 years and there are still varieties that I just can't, my Lady's Mantle, I'll have years that a ton of them pop up that can germinate and I had a year, this year I had two, and I think, what did I do wrong? But it makes it challenging. I'm going to try that again next year so don't give up. - Right. - Don't give up.

Encouragement for today

Excellent isn’t a word we use much today. Let’s bring it back. Let’s develop eyes to see it. Let’s cut through the cloud of this lens called perfectionism and recognize the excellent work being done around us every day. Let’s call it out in others. Let’s call it out in ourselves. Let’s focus our attention on the excellent and praiseworthy things. Life is too short to do it any other way…