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Connecting with Wedding Vendors as a New Florist

One of the biggest things to consider is marketing your business and how to get your name out there! When you’re a new floral pro, it can be challenging to jump into marketing via social media and publishing, but something simple you can do to introduce yourself to the wedding industry is to network with other vendors in your community. Vendors can include event venues, photographers, planners, caterers, DJs, and even other florists. Again, this may seem like a daunting task, but hopefully these few tips will help make this step a bit easier to accomplish.

Creating a Business Networking Group

There must be 100’s of ways to structure a group and each group will look different. I’m confident though, that the majority of us will benefit from belonging to a group of floral professionals that have the intent to support one another, collaborate, and make positive contributions to our communities.

The Power of a Strong Referral Network

I’ve experienced an incredible amount of positivity, support, and encouragement from a group of wonderful floral designers and business owners who I lovingly refer to as my “Flower Friends." These women who are my competition, but who have created a real community that I’m honored to be a part of.