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Video: How to Create a Small Floral Centerpiece Featuring Spirea Foliage

In this video lesson, we’ll learn how to observe for inspiration while adjusting the arrangement layers for a smaller centerpiece. A lot of Centerpieces & Reception students have asked how to adapt to a smaller arrangement, so here Kelly shows you how! Ingredients used are Spirea Foliage, Gold's Dart Ninebark, Diablo Ninebark, Polka Dot Pippa Hybrid, Ranunculus, La Belle Epoch Tulips, Coral Bell Foliage, and Geum.

How & why to grow raspberry for foliage

While raspberries are a common garden plant and found on most rural farms, they're not a common design element in floral arrangements. This fact is what makes it a new and exciting plant! With local growers popping up everywhere, being a “shippable” product isn’t the only factor anymore, which opens the door to new and unlikely plants being usable. Soon, raspberry foliage will become an industry standard!