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Video: The Best Containers for Seed Germination

In this clip from the Team Flower Foundations for Growing Cut Flowers class, Kathleen and Kelly discuss various seed germinating containers (or seed starting trays) and the pros and cons of each. They’re sharing helpful information for both beginning flower growers and experts—all are welcome here! Watch to learn which containers are not recommended and why as well as a few tips on how to best utilize the systems that are available to you.

Video: You Can Transplant Cut Flowers—Here’s How

In this clip from the Foundations for Growing Cut Flowers class, Kelly from Team Flower and Kathleen from Primrose Hill Flower Co. are providing a hands-on example of transplanting your seedlings. You’ll want to be sure you have healthy balanced soil that crumbles in your hands. A common misconception in transplanting is the idea that the roots cannot be disturbed. In fact, it’s the exact opposite! The goal is for the roots to reach down and out in the soil, so loosening them up before planting is key. This also allows air to circulate through the roots and keeps them from tangling around one another.

Where to buy flower seeds for sale

Have you ever grown your own flowers? Annual flower seeds are a low-cost and high-return investment for dipping your toes into a new hobby, bridging the transition from a hobby-grower to a professional grower, and/or expanding and diversifying a thriving cut flower operation. Pressly shares with you her years’ worth of seed-sourcing experience and highlights her favorite suppliers, as the wide world of seed sourcing can be quite daunting for a new farmer or backyard gardener.

Anemone Growing Tips

Anemones are one of the toughest, most productive, sweetest, earliest-blooming, and long-lasting flowers. This crop is a fantastic addition to even the smallest of cutting gardens. These beautiful blooms require a bit of knowledge and work to grow effectively, but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

Video: Encouragement for starting flower seeds

In this video, Kathleen Murphy of Primrose Hill Flower Company joins Kelly to share a few tips for new flower growers. Whether you are starting a small cut garden or a large flower farm, her advice is practical, useful, and encouraging.


Video transcript:

- - Kathleen if you could tell somebody who's brand new to gardening something, what would it be? - Well first of all, you're so fortunate because you're starting out on a journey that is just, I just love flowers and I know you're going to as well and it's just such a great journey. But what I would tell you, my best advice would be, again to start small, to stick to the methods we talked about, to build upon successes, don't jump in to a huge amount of work and things that are going to overwhelm you. Choose that core group of flowers that are easy to grow and really get to know them and know the process. If you can become successful at that the possibilities are endless, the different garden styles that you can do and just everything builds from that core and you'll be a huge success and you'll really enjoy it. - I love that. Keep it simple. - Keep it simple. - Everybody. Keep it simple when you're starting. And what would you tell someone who has maybe tried sewing seeds before or has tried gardening and has just really felt like that they weren't successful at it, that it's not something that they can do or that they're good at. How would you-- - I would say, don't despair, try it again, try it this way. I feel in a way that this part of this industry maybe sets you up for failure. We see these beautiful photos and we get the seed packet, and there really isn't a lot of direction as to how to successfully get from this seed to this beautiful photo that you're seeing. So people have really become discouraged and they don't have the process. They don't know how, the correct watering method, the lighting situation, what we have talked about or what we do talk about in this class, will just, it will enable you to successfully learn how to grow a healthy strong plant and again it all comes back to strong plants equals success, and you can definitely do this. You really can. It's totally possible. So don't despair, and try it again, and try it this way. And you will be successful. And don't give up. I've been doing this 30 years and there are still varieties that I just can't, my Lady's Mantle, I'll have years that a ton of them pop up that can germinate and I had a year, this year I had two, and I think, what did I do wrong? But it makes it challenging. I'm going to try that again next year so don't give up. - Right. - Don't give up.

Should you use seeds or plugs?

Flowers have to come from somewhere! It can be difficult to decide which plants to start from seed and which plants to buy as plugs. A plug is a young plant grown in large quantities that’s started either from seed or a cutting. In this article, we highlight pros and cons for both.