CoolBot: The Walk-In Cooler

On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, we are talking with Patty Parsons from CoolBot. Patty started the CoolBot business with Ron Khosla who invented the CoolBot in 2007. He was a farmer, and she was a caterer. CoolBot started on a shoestring budget, and both Patty and Ron worked 7 days a week out of their homes for 5 years. As word spread, so did CoolBot's customer base. Now, growers, florists, caterers, brewers, and even hunters in the United States and beyond are all owners of CoolBot.

Hanging Vines and Greenery on Any Surface

Have you ever had a bride send over an image of greenery sprawled on a wall and think “How on earth do I do that?” In this article, Courtney shares how she loves the challenge of creating and hanging these masterpieces. She shares her tips, tricks, and toolkit for building some unforgettable greenery displays on a variety of surfaces.

DIY Wedding Flowers

Maybe instead of shying away from DIY clients, we need to figure out how to make this demographic work for us and still add to our bottom line? In this article, Jalisca shares how her perception of an ideal client changed. To do this, she needed to understand three things about working with DIY brides and in this article she’ll explain what those are!

Video: Foundations of a Wedding Centerpiece

What are the three levels of an arrangement, and why should we be thinking about them as we design? In this video, Kelly walks you through the design principles of balance, shape, and rest and how she used them to guide every piece she creates. These three principles are the building blocks that lead to efficiency, balance, and freedom in design!

Jessica of Zimmerman Events

Jessica of Zimmerman Events joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast where we take a broad sweep of everything related to event day. Jessica is sharing real life stories about close calls and practices in adaptability, and we are chatting about our must-have items in our event-day toolkit.

Creating a Business Networking Group

There must be 100’s of ways to structure a group and each group will look different. I’m confident though, that the majority of us will benefit from belonging to a group of floral professionals that have the intent to support one another, collaborate, and make positive contributions to our communities.

Video: Designing a Wedding Arch

In this video, Kelly of Team Flower demonstrates how to create a new shape when designing an arbor. Pay attention to how she widens an arbor with various mechanics and design tips. Ingredients used are Honeysuckle, Burning Bush, Rhododendron, Lilac, Scillia, Foxglove, Wild Geranium, Ferns, Wisteria, and Moss.

The American Grown Flowers Field to Vase Dinner Tour

Certified American Grown Flowers represents a unified and diverse coalition of U.S. flower farms, including small and large entities in multiple states across the country. Certified American grown flower farms participate in an independent, third-party supply-chain audit to verify both origin and assembly of the flowers they produce.

Anemone Growing Tips

Anemones are one of the toughest, most productive, sweetest, earliest-blooming, and long-lasting flowers. This crop is a fantastic addition to even the smallest of cutting gardens. These beautiful blooms require a bit of knowledge and work to grow effectively, but the rewards are more than worth the effort.

Video: Harvesting a Cut Flower Garden

In this video, Kathleen of Primrose Hill Flower Company joins Kelly of Team Flower to discuss the best practices for Harvesting. You'll learn how much stem length to leave, whether or not to strip leaves at harvest, and if flowers should be open or closed when cut.

Social Media Authenticity

Let’s be real, being an entrepreneur does have its challenges. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions and learn hard lessons amongst many other things. One thing I’ve found most difficult about being a creative entrepreneur has been making the sale. I’m so excited to share three ways to use social media to increase your sales and maintain authenticity in your creative floral business!

How to Overcome Obstacles

As members of the event world, we’re no strangers to chaos or the unexpected. You could even argue that we thrive on it to some extent! But when you add the pressure of working with live, fragile product to the normal stress of an event, and the day-to-day demands of running a business, you have the perfect storm. Some flower friends and I have been chatting (and laughing) about some of our most memorable challenges, and I’m sure you can relate…

Natalie at Native Poppy

In this episode we're talking with Natalie from Native Poppy. We're discuss leaving corporate world for flower work, the differences of owning an event studio and retail store. You'll enjoy learning about Natalie's flower subscription services.

How to Make a Flower Crown

Making a flower crown isn’t difficult once you master the mechanics needed for a seamless product. I promise! I often have other florists ask me to make flower crowns to complete their orders because they don’t feel they are capable. Is that you? Take a peek at this tutorial and add gorgeous flower crowns to your repertoire!

Flowers in Art with Shealeen Louise

At the 2018 Team Flower Conference, we asked a myriad of floral artists to participate in our Flowers in Art Exhibition. The talent represented in the Exhibition was both exquisite and inspirational. Those in attendance at the Team Flower Conference were asked to choose their favorite artist anonymously, and the People's Choice Winner was Shealeen Louise of Nashville, Tennessee. Today, she's sharing what inspires her, what materials she uses, and her favorite painting subjects!

Sammy Go of Lambert Floral Studio

In this episode we are chatting about Sammy’s philosophy of providing flowers for a weary world and what that looks like for Lambert Floral Studio. He is sharing the story behind the name of his design studio and why it is dear to his heart.