Why clients choose silk flower arrangements

Why clients choose silk flower arrangements

Have you ever wondered why a bride would choose fake over fresh flowers? I mean, let’s face it. It’s her big day, and most brides get married with the intent of forever, right? So why not invest in the best and get fresh?


But as a bride who chose fake over fresh, I get it. Even now as a Floral Designer who specializes in Silk Real Touch Flowers, I’m amazed by the countless reasons brides make this choice.

After creating Silk Real Touch bouquets for over 400 weddings across three continents, I’ve discovered why some brides choose this option over fresh blooms. Fake flowers offer brides advantages that cannot be found in fresh flowers. This is especially true for beach and destination weddings.

Most of my clients are destination brides. When they contact me, their concerns usually center around color, type of flower, quality, availability, and shipping. For example, our Real Touch Plumeria flower, also known as Frangipani, is the signature flower of my company. Live Plumerias wilt and brown easily. So most florists don’t like to use them. This is even more true in hot tropical, humid climates. Because these conditions are beyond her control, a bride who decides she must have Plumerias will opt for fake and not fresh.

This is just one example, but every bride I’ve worked with possesses a unique story as to why she chose fake over fresh. And trust me, it’s never because she loves fake flowers. It’s always because she loves Plumerias. Because of the bloom's delicacy, the Silk Real Touch version is the best alternative.

Here are the three mains reasons that I believe will continue to influence brides in choosing fake over fresh.


With fake flowers, a bride has the liberty of having what she wants when she wants it and where she needs it. She will never incur a premium if her favorite flowers are out of season. When a bride gives her designer enough time, she can get her exact dream bouquet. Her flowers are shipped anywhere in the world, and she can travel back home with them stress-free. Finally, if the groom or bride loves fresh flowers but is allergic to scents or pollens, they can still have a real looking bouquet without a possible allergic reaction.



Her flowers can be booked 6-12 months in advance and secure timely shipping anywhere in the world. This is even more important for international brides. Since they get their bouquet earlier, brides can schedule a pre-wedding picture and also have her flowers with her during her final dress fitting. She can get a sample flower before finalizing her order, and she can receive an approval picture of her bouquet and make minor alterations if time permits.


Today fake flowers have come a very long way. Some of the best artificial flowers in the industry are called Real Touch, and they do look and feel like the real deal. More than ever brides are convinced to have fake over fresh because of the improvements in quality. Moreover, Real Touch flowers photograph beautifully, and it’s tough to tell they’re not real.

While nothing can compare to nature’s fresh flowers, there is a growing market for quality fake flowers, notably Silk Real Touch. Because of this new trend in quality, many florists are open to incorporating a few stems of quality silk flowers in their design. I’ve worked with countless brides and florists internationally to make this possible. While many florists are willing to work with Real Touch flowers, I can understand the hesitation of others that won’t.


However, there are those rare occasions where a florist wants to be prepared. For instance, the bride that must have Plumerias in her bouquet, but circumstances make it impossible. Thus enters is an excellent opportunity during the consultation to introduce quality Real Touch Plumerias to her as a viable alternative.

Fake flowers will never replace the advantages offered by nature’s fresh, scented, scenic flowers in the world of floral designing. However, artificial flowers will continue to be a necessity in the industry for brides and floral designers alike.

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