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Workshop Alumni Interview: Jackie Gardner

We had the pleasure of meeting Jackie at the 2015 Team Flower Workshop. She and her husband started Moonset Farm in 2007 in Porter, Maine with three rescued Katahdin Hair Sheep, two horses, two dogs, three cats, and a few chickens. As their livestock business grew with each passing year, cut flowers stealthily worked their way into the production of the farm. Now, Moonset Farm not only yields fresh meats but is also a fully functioning flower farm & design studio. We recently spoke with Jackie about her story.

Workshop Alumni Interview: Patricia Campos

Ohio based floral designer Patricia Campos began her creative career as a graphic designer. It wasn’t long until the floral world worked its way into her heart, and now she runs a floral design studio in Cincinnati, Una Floral. With a love of muted colors and delicate greenery, her work is textural, thoughtful and artistic. Patricia’s floral journey began shortly before we met her at the 2015 Team Flower Workshop in Asheville, NC. Two years later, she has established her style and is currently working towards merging her two creative loves: graphic design + flowers.