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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Flower and Business Books

There's nothing quite like flipping through the worn pages of your grandmother's growing books or finding inspiration in fixed botanical beauty with the turn of every page. At Team Flower, we have been exposed to a slew of flower books (and business books that help inspire sustainable flower businesses!), and we have an appreciation for the role that books play—whether it's for inspiration, teaching, or just for fun. Take a look below to see the Team Flower Staff's top picks!

3 Easy Ways to Collaborate in the Event Industry

Collaboration is not just about sending off a bouquet with a photographer and getting pictures in return. You can build relationships with vendors at real weddings and styled shoots. Here are three ways you can master collaboration and networking to make real, lasting relationships in the event industry.

How to Repurpose Wedding Flowers Through Floral Street Art

Hoping to find new ways to repurpose wedding flowers or reuse event flowers? We've all been there: consulting for months with a client, grinding out the perfect flower order in accordance to color and season, meticulously processing and caring for fresh product, and ultimately designing pieces of art for a wedding or event. For an incredible couple of hours, our flower arrangements are on display to the public like a momentary gallery opening of our talents until the breakdown.

3 Simple Steps to Reach Floral Clients in New Markets

Looking to branch into new markets? Or are you moving to a new location altogether? As a floral designer who recently moved to a different state, I was faced with several questions. I first started my floral business several years ago while living in Southern California and recently moved to a small town in Utah. Shortly after moving, I realized that I would be limiting my business potential if I were to focus solely on my new local market. Therefore, I came up with a strategy to target my ideal wedding clients locally as well as in other locations.

Floral Workshop Inspiration: Overcoming a Creative Rut

Do you ever feel stuck in a creative rut? Perhaps you feel this way when you’ve done the same three color palettes event after event after event or you always end up using the same rotation of flowers. Or maybe you’re a flower farmer, and because you see and grow the same flowers every season, you forget to admire each bloom’s individuality. If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you’ve been there.

5 Strategies for Improving Your Social Media Presence

In this day and age, social media is not only important but also vital to the growth and success of a floral business. Social media for floral designers is far more than posting pretty images for our friends and family to see. If utilized properly, it can be a real and significant marketing tool that will lead your customers to your website and ultimately convert those followers into paying clients.

7 Easy Steps to Creating a Foam-Free Living Meadow

With an ever-increasing installation trend in weddings and event work, as well as the emphasis on foam-free floral designs, I was eager to figure out a way to create a ground installation, or living meadow, with foam-free mechanics that offered flexibility in multiple installation scenarios. There are so many options for foam-free installation mechanics out there, but this is the method that worked well for me. Hopefully, you will find it useful—or maybe it will provide you with a starting point for additional foam-free floral designs!

Flowers and Foliage that Last Out of Water

My first boutonniere was not exactly stellar.  Apparently, I learn best by failure because that first boutonniere looked very sad by the time photos were taken.  So I set upon an experiment — walking around the farm, clipping, snipping, plucking and picking samples of greenery, flowers, seed pods, fruits, and weeds to see what would last longest and held up well out of the water.  Here we're sharing the research with you.

How to Approach Color in Floral Design: 5 Brilliant Tips

If we're honest, we used to be pretty intimidated by color. It can be so hard to work with color, especially highly contrasting colors. When designing with these types of colors together, such as yellow and purple, it can be hard not to make the designs seem kitschy or too "holiday." Color can quickly cross the line between creative and fun to cheesy and mediocre very fast.