Must-Have Floral Tools for your Event Day Toolbox

Must-Have Floral Tools for your Event Day Toolbox

When you’re first starting in the world of flowers, finding the best tools to use can be daunting. However, once you get into to your rhythm, it's easy to pick your favorites. Here are my go-to, can't-live-without, favorite floral tools that I HAVE to have in my event day toolbox.


Joyce Chen Unlimited Scissors

What scissors can we use in our work that are also found at a cooking store? We’ve all seen these scissors! They're Kelly’s go-to snips. Since the ones I used at the time weren’t cutting it (pun intended!), I decided to order a pair. When I used them for the first time, I fell absolutely in love. Don’t let these dainty scissors fool you. They can cut through the hardiest stem with little effort, and they give you a nice clean cut for the best water absorption. Even after hours of cutting, they stay as sharp the first time you used them and are backed by a lifetime warranty!

Flexible Flower Stripper

The flexible flower strippers are a must-have when I’m processing flowers—especially roses. Since it's flexible, you can control the grip. They have rubber fingers just firm enough to strip thorns and foliage without tearing the rose stem. There are several different types of flower strippers, but this one is by far my favorite.


Brass Cuff Bracelet

I use these as an alternative to the typical wrist corsage. I love the fact that the recipient can reuse it after the wedding or event! I usually keep a few on hand and bring a tube of cold glue on event days just in case an extra corsage is needed. (I purchase all of my bracelets from BlueLineMetals on Etsy. They work with you to get your orders on time, and they are beautifully made and sturdy.)

Fishing Line

Growing up I loved to fish, but I never knew it would be so useful in the world of flowers. Fishing line is strong and invisible, which makes it the perfect combination to help create a beautiful installation. If you intend to attach smilax to a gazebo, a 30lb line is best, but if you were to attach greenery to an acrylic welcome sign, a 5lb line should do just fine.


Bind wire

I cannot say enough good things about this fantastic workhorse of a product. Think of bind wire as a never-ending twisty tie on a roll. You can cut it, you can fold it, and you can mold it. Bind wire can also be used to attach flowers to chairs, pews, lattice work, and gazebos—virtually anything. It's relatively inexpensive and seems to last forever.

We’d love to hear about your must-have floral tools for your event day toolbox. What are the essential items you can't live without? Please be sure to comment below.

Photos By Brittany Macri with SEEM Photography

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