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Video: Tips for Body Mindfulness in the Midst of Burnout

Looking for tips to increase your body mindfulness and awareness in the midst of burnout (or in order to prevent it entirely)? This video from the Team Flower Business Growth class covers how to alleviate burnout in our physical bodies. Burnout in the floral industry is something we’ve all either heard about or felt ourselves, and it can be caused by a variety of different things—one of which is physical pain or exhaustion.

Video: When and Where to Use Wired Flowers in Floral Design

Wiring is a valuable and specialized skill that can add value to your business and set you apart as a designer and freelancer. Kelly explains why wiring is important—as well as when and where to use wired flowers—in this excerpt from the Team Flower Advanced Techniques for Wiring fast track class. The wiring technique gives you a lot of control over the exact placement and orientation of each and every bloom in a piece—if you need your focal flower to bend in a certain way that is not natural for its stem, wiring makes that possible!

Video: Using Complementary Colors in a Minimalistic Floral Arrangement

In this excerpt from the Team Flower Elements and Principles of Design class, Kelly demonstrates the principle of movement by creating a minimalistic floral arrangement using complimentary colors. Complimentary colors are opposites on the color wheel (orange and blue, purple and yellow, and red and green). She uses caladium, firecracker, and green trick dianthus to demonstrate the most difficult of the three groups: red and green. This is a color palette that typically reminds us of Christmas, but it can be used to create a sweet summer piece as well.

Video: How to Make a Double Wrist Corsage

Watch this clip from the Team Flower Bouquets and Personals class. Here, Kelly demonstrates how to make a double wrist corsage (everybody’s favorite, right?). Even though pin-on corsages and hand-held posies are becoming more popular, the wrist corsage is a classic piece that every wedding designer and shop owner should have the skills to create. Watch to see a few tricks Kelly has learned in order to make wrist corsages easier and more feasible.

Video: Easy Ways to Organize Your Studio to Process Flowers Efficiently

In this snippet from the Team Flower Foundations class, Kelly walks you through her studio setup and how she organizes everything for maximum efficiency and minimum workload. Many people don’t realize that working in the floral industry can require a lot of manual labor. From picking up and moving buckets of water to processing flowers to delivery, these are all tasks that can take a toll on our bodies!

Video: You Can Transplant Cut Flowers—Here’s How

In this clip from the Foundations for Growing Cut Flowers class, Kelly from Team Flower and Kathleen from Primrose Hill Flower Co. are providing a hands-on example of transplanting your seedlings. You’ll want to be sure you have healthy balanced soil that crumbles in your hands. A common misconception in transplanting is the idea that the roots cannot be disturbed. In fact, it’s the exact opposite! The goal is for the roots to reach down and out in the soil, so loosening them up before planting is key. This also allows air to circulate through the roots and keeps them from tangling around one another.

Video: How to overcome perfectionism

In this video, Kelly begins a creatively inspired design made from ingredients from her garden. While she is purposefully designing something unique and professional, she is allowing herself freedom in expression - both in design and in color - as she chooses her ingredients and places each bloom.

Video: Photographing Flowers with a Paper Backdrop

This clip offers a sneak peek into the Team Flower How to Photograph Flowers Class. Heather Payne of Heather Payne Photography takes you behind the scenes when choosing a backdrop for photographing a flower arrangement. You’ll learn about using a simple paper backdrop, and how choosing various colors brings out the colors of the flowers in the design. Heather and Kelly discuss lighting, reflectors, and diffusers. Watch to receive tips on how you can take a simple yet great quality iPhone photo.

Video: Finding your Why for Arranging

In this video, Kelly shares the story behind her own design philosophy and challenges us to find our own flower story. Something inside all of us drives how we design, and ultimately determines the message that we send when we share our love of flowers with others.

Video: How to Win at Revenue Streams

In this excerpt from the Team Flower Sustainable Business Growth class, Kelly shares tips on how to be successful when choosing revenue streams. Using a simple and easy-to-use chart, Kelly breaks down how to determine when to say, “yes” and when to say, “no” in order to prevent burnout and encourage profit.

Video: Harvesting a Cut Flower Garden

In this video, Kathleen of Primrose Hill Flower Company joins Kelly of Team Flower to discuss the best practices for Harvesting. You'll learn how much stem length to leave, whether or not to strip leaves at harvest, and if flowers should be open or closed when cut.