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Video: How to Make a Chuppah

Our friend Fuschia of Fuschia Moss Floral Design is here to help show us how to make a chuppah. See how we used a bale of southern smilax and late summer forsythia foliage to create a base and a very small amount of oasis and chicken wire to provide support and nourishment for the flowers.

Video: Wedding Chair Flowers

Watch as Kelly Perry of Team Flower uses three materials to create a little extra magic for the bride and groom on their special day. Notice how quickly something sweet and elegant can be fashioned, and how little stress and skill it requires. Now, go grab your wire and your ribbon and forage a flexible vine to make one on your own!

How to Make a Flower Wall

Believe it or not, building a reusable floral backdrop is super straightforward. If you’ve never built anything before and the idea is stressing you out, don’t run for the tension-taming tea just yet — you can totally handle this! All you need to create a professional-grade backdrop which folds easily in half for storage are the handful of materials and tools listed here.