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Your Guide to Planning a Styled Shoot as a Florist

As an event florist new to the industry, part of my business plan included planning my own styled shoot to build my portfolio, network with other vendors, and create opportunities for my work to be published. (Learn more about if a styled shoot is right for your business here.) I quickly realized that a styled shoot for floral designs requires a lot of planning to be successful—which can be overwhelming! So I’ve listed here the documents and creative tools in planning order so you can have a road map when you plan your next shoot!

The 7 Rules of Responsible Foraging for Floral Design

Foraging is an excellent way to increase interest, romance, and variety to your arrangements. Foraged elements add depth, contrast, and dimension to your creations. Foraging is economical, allowing you to create bespoke floral designs and maximize the impact of your compositions. Though foraging is a simple concept, it is a skill that requires knowledge and care.

Looking to Nature for Floral Design Inspiration

Nature is not always perfect. But we do not look at a tree and say “that leaf is damaged” or “that bloom is going brown." Rather, we look at the tree as a whole and enjoy its beauty. We should look at our design work the same way. I will always remember a talented designer saying, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful."

How to Design Flower Arrangements in Difficult Color Palettes

Tellie Hunt of Hunt & Gather Floral in Canada joins us for an interview chatting about her favorite design tool: color! In this interview, you’ll hear about her journey from a tattoo artist apprenticeship to owning her floral design business. She talks through the importance of color, and you’ll also hear about how to design flower arrangements in difficult color palettes. Whether you’re looking to change career paths or take that next step in your relationship with color, you’ll be inspired by this conversation.

How to Make a Large Paper Flower

Paper flowers are making a statement in the floral industry. Not only do they never wilt, but they can also be made to look like a real bloom! Perhaps you’re hesitant to use paper flowers because it’s unfamiliar territory. Maybe you could try making one yourself! Here are a few simple instructions on how you can make a large paper flower for your next event.

The Growing Kindness Project: Using Flowers to Brighten Your Community

The aim of the project is so simple: first, grow some flowers. Next, look around your community. Where is there a need for connection and encouragement? Perhaps the most beautiful part of this project is that each person sees a different need. Now, walk across the street to your neighbors, down the road to a retirement center, over to that mama patiently unloading her grocery cart while juggling three little people, or the fire station or food bank or wherever you see a heart waiting to be encouraged. Now hand them flowers.

4 Tricks for Working in a Small Floral Design Studio Space

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, space is a beautiful thing as a floral designer. If you rent or own studio space, it can be difficult to know how to make the most of what you have. Others, like myself, have to utilize whatever limited area is available in their homes. Here are four things I’ve learned for making the most of small spaces for design.

Tips for Managing Floral Logistics in a Big City

Life as a florist in a large metropolitan area can be both challenging and rewarding. Since moving from Kentucky to New York City, I’ve learned many lessons in adaptability, flexibility, and patience (car, studio, and cooler, I miss you!). But I’ve also found that for the same reasons, my appreciation for flowers and my admiration for their resilience has deepened! Floral work is undoubtedly a labor of love, but over time I’ve discovered some tips that have made the big city flower life easier. Whether you’re a city native who’s venturing into flowers for the first time or a seasoned flower pro transitioning into big city life, I hope these tips can be helpful for you too!