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Floral Workshop Inspiration: Overcoming a Creative Rut

Do you ever feel stuck in a creative rut? Perhaps you feel this way when you’ve done the same three color palettes event after event after event or you always end up using the same rotation of flowers. Or maybe you’re a flower farmer, and because you see and grow the same flowers every season, you forget to admire each bloom’s individuality. If you’ve been in this industry long enough, you’ve been there.

Floral Workshops vs. Conferences: Which One Is Right for You?

Have you found yourself considering an in-person floral education experience? If so, that’s great! We believe that continual learning and growing is key to a joyful, empowered life with flowers and personal connections and relationships are where the true magic happens. Behind your excited anticipation for the journey you’re about to embark on, there may be some confusion or uncertainty. There are a lot of different floral education experiences available to you—from one-on-ones and conferences to workshops and internships. You may be wondering what is the best fit for you.

Fresh Inspiration from Our August Floral Design Workshop

In August, ten sweet women from various locations, backgrounds, and careers became flower friends at the Team Flower Wedding Florals Workshop. Maybe it was the refreshing North Carolina mountainous atmosphere, or perhaps it was the power of flowers in bringing people together, or maybe it was their welcoming and open hearts. Honestly, it was probably all of the above - the perfect storm - and we watched in awe as these women not only received but also poured out. They came to one another’s aid when needed, offering advice with humility. They celebrated with each other when one overcame an obstacle, and they cheered one another on as they created one arrangement after another.

July Centerpieces Workshop Design Inspiration

Seven sweet souls gathered in the North Carolina mountains in July to do just that. They sought to cultivate creativity and find rest in inspiration. They overcame obstacles, broke through norms, and increased their design knowledge. And oh the creations they made! They poured their hearts into these flowers, so as you scroll through and admire the beauty they made, may you also be inspired to tap into the ingenuity within yourself.

Design Inspiration from the July Bouquets Workshop

This creative journey began with delicious ice cream and sweet smiles in a cozy living room in Boone. The group of 7 ladies entered into a two-day bouquet designing spree with open hearts and laughter. They encouraged and challenged one another creatively, and they found great delight in one another's company. During the two days of the workshop, attendees created every style of bouquets: round, cascade, garden, hand-tied, pageant, etc. Their individual personalities shone beautifully as they arranged the farm-grown flowers into uniquely designed bouquets that any bride would be lucky to hold on their wedding day!

July Wedding Florals Workshop Student Portfolio

The ladies that attended the Team Flower Workshop in July were in for a shock when that sweet mountain breeze turned into a flat out wind, and the temperature didn't rise above 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Sweaters were shared, blankets became an essential clothing item, and the sunshine was sought out at all costs! The weather didn't stop the attendees from learning and creating beautiful arrangements full of color and farm-fresh flowers. May their work be a breath of refreshing mountain air in your dry and arid spaces.

Workshop Alumni Interview: Lillian Dompe

Florida-based Lillian Dompe has an eye for beauty and design and has found she is most at home when living a life surrounded by blooms. She currently works at an arts college coordinating events, managing volunteer boards, and working with development full time. After attending the 2017 Team Flower Workshop, she launched her floral design business, Hallwood Floral. Her journey is one that is both inspiring and relatable!

Workshop Alumni Interview: Giti Gerami

Giti Gerami owns Botanica Wedding Flowers Studio in Rhode Island. She has over 15 years of experience in floral design. Her love for flowers began as a child as she worked dried and silk arrangements into her family's interior design business. Giti worked at a flower shop after she moved to the United States 20 years ago. She eventually purchased the flower shop and turned it into a thriving wedding flower studio. In the midst of the transition, Giti joined us at the 2016 Team Flower Workshop, which helped her navigate the waters of the wedding floral industry. She took some time to share her experience with us.

Workshop Alumni Interview: Jackie Gardner

We had the pleasure of meeting Jackie at the 2015 Team Flower Workshop. She and her husband started Moonset Farm in 2007 in Porter, Maine with three rescued Katahdin Hair Sheep, two horses, two dogs, three cats, and a few chickens. As their livestock business grew with each passing year, cut flowers stealthily worked their way into the production of the farm. Now, Moonset Farm not only yields fresh meats but is also a fully functioning flower farm & design studio. We recently spoke with Jackie about her story.

Workshop Alumni Interview: Patricia Campos

Ohio based floral designer Patricia Campos began her creative career as a graphic designer. It wasn’t long until the floral world worked its way into her heart, and now she runs a floral design studio in Cincinnati, Una Floral. With a love of muted colors and delicate greenery, her work is textural, thoughtful and artistic. Patricia’s floral journey began shortly before we met her at the 2015 Team Flower Workshop in Asheville, NC. Two years later, she has established her style and is currently working towards merging her two creative loves: graphic design + flowers.