Team Flower's Next Chapter

Team Flower's Next Chapter

Don’t be afraid to start small. Start working on your dream before you actually feel ready to do it.

Small businesses grow one step at a time, and most often, the really important things unfold slowly right under our own noses. You probably remember those early moments of your floral business, too, where you were crunching the numbers and fitting in floral work where you could on top of others jobs. We’ve all been there!


Kelly and I have a big announcement to share today. But first, here’s some context and history: Almost five years ago, Kelly and I began Team Flower in the mountains of Boone, North Carolina—and while in Boone, we watched Team Flower grow from zero members to over 2,500. (That number still amazes us.) We reach every U.S. state and over 35 countries just through our members.

Our first very simple recording set up in our “video studio” (aka sun room)

Our first very simple recording set up in our “video studio” (aka sun room)

We took a leap of faith in moving to North Carolina, where there we moved into offering workshops, with our first Team Flower workshop being held in Boone in 2014. From there, Kelly and I wanted to make floral education more accessible, and we offered our first free content video (which was originally a live webinar simply recorded on old iPhones at our house!). Our workshops and free content really became a highlight of who Team Flower is—and then we started offering comprehensive online floral classes and eventually our annual conference! Team Flower quickly grew beyond our initial vision and into something global.

So many memories were made while growing Team Flower in North Carolina—and many of them involve you, our Team Flower Family, workshop attendees, and amazing Members. Now, Kelly, Baby Grace, and I have moved to Central Pennsylvania.

And this means there are great changes ahead for Team Flower—changes that we want you to be involved in. Keep reading to learn how you can make an impact in Team Flower’s future.


Our move to Pennsylvania comes with a modern, light and bright professional studio space that will allow for us to increase the quantity and quality of our free content and online classes. Kelly and I are really thrilled about this! Kelly especially—it’s a bright, happy space.

Not only will our videos start to look different (we’ll be in a different space than the one our Team Flower family is accustomed to now), but we’re also excited about producing more floral videos and training for flower pros worldwide.

We want you to have a say in what’s next for Team Flower. Click here to take a short survey telling us what new content you’d like to see!


Kelly and I love meeting you at our Team Flower workshops and getting to know you better in a small-group setting—and our new location in Central Pennsylvania will allow for easier access to multiple airports and major cities that are exciting to visit (quick trip to NYC, anyone?). Not to mention, we’re now nestled near some of the greenest, most abundant historical farmland in the country.

Even if you’ve attended one of our Boone, North Carolina, workshops in the past for some rest, time with nature, and hands-on design time in the mountains, our new workshop experience is going to be just as rejuvenating and educational. We can’t wait for you to experience what we have planned!

Read about our past workshops here, and join the waiting list to be notified when we release our upcoming 2019 dates.


Even though Team Flower is primarily a digital company, our move to Pennsylvania means a lot of great things for our future content and events. When you have the right tools and education to love the world through flowers and grow a sustainable floral business, that’s when we know we’re doing our best work. We’re extending an open invitation, asking what you’d like to see from Team Flower going forward.

So as we gear up our new studio space for all the new floral education that’s ahead, your voice matters. Let us know the kind of topics you’d like to see covered.

And remember, don’t be afraid to start small. Be courageous. We all grow one step at a time, and you never know where your journey with flowers will take you.

Take this short survey to tell us what you want to learn!

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